Are you sure that your digital products and contents are compatible with accessibility tools used by people with special needs? Are your products compliant with accessibility laws developed in many countries?

Accessibility tools are provided by modern mobile and desktop operating systems, but having an accessible OS doesn’t mean that every app or web available for this platform will be automatically accessible.

Making accessible apps means developing products which are compatible with the existing assistive technologies available for each platform.

Code Factory provides consulting and training services oriented to help engineers and companies that are not experts in accessibility to make sure that their digital tools and contents will be usable by all people with minimal extra effort, regardless of how the users interact with the technology and making it compliant with accessibility legislation.

Our services

We guide you all the way to make your digital solutions accessible.


Digital Accessibility Consulting

This service is provided for creators of mobile and web technology such as app developers, designers, product managers, etc.
Our specialized engineers will test the accessibility of your new or existing digital solutions and guide you all the way to make them accessible.

Accessibility… why?


Make sure that your products comply with accessibility laws & standards developed in many countries:

  • Europe: Standard EN 301 549, EU Web and Mobile Accessibility Directive, European Accessibility Act.
  • United States: 21st Century Act, Section 508, American with Disabilities Act.
  • Etc.

Accessibility is also an opportunity for your company:

  • Millions of potential users are currently unable to access technology.
  • Market saturation is not true when it comes to accessible technology. You can still be one of the first accessible solutions in your field.

Show your company’s corporate responsibility:

  • 15% of people in the world have challenges accessing technology.
  • The United Nations declared that access to the Internet is a human right.
  • Contribute to the integration of people with special needs in the “Virtual Society”.

Use cases

Who can take advantage of Code Factory’s Digital Accessibility Consulting services?


Companies and organizations offering their services and products through apps & web

Banks, online stores, newspapers, public institutions… almost all services and products in the world today are available online through apps and websites. In addition, people with disabilities often prefer to access them online. It is crucial to make all these services and products accessible to everyone.


Development teams

App developers can add value to their products by making them accessible. In order to comply with laws related to accessibility and to avoid sanctions, customers may require that their products are accessible.

Involving accessibility experts during the design and development stages will produce highly accessible apps that comply with international regulations regarding accessibility.

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