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Accessibility consulting for mobile apps

This Accessibility for Mobile service is provided for creators of mobile technology such as app developers, mobile operators and manufacturers.

Our specialized engineers will test the accessibility of your mobile solutions and guide you all the way to make them accessible.

Accessibility consulting for mobile apps

As part of our accessibility for mobile evaluation process:

  • We check the design and development process.
  • We identify critical areas.
  • We report the current status of your product’s accessibility.
  • We provide accessibility for mobile certification guidelines.

We’ll help you to design accessible user interfaces:

  • Accessible UI structure.
  • Consistent control distribution and grouping.
  • Multiple output channels.
  • Complementary UI components for activating functionality.
  • Support for multiple input mechanisms.
  • Accessible multimedia content.

We’ll help you to develop accessibility-friendly products:

  • Accessible labeling of User Interface (UI) functional components.
  • Accessible feedback for context and status changes.
  • Accessible information refreshing.
  • Accessible notifications.
  • Accessible progress indicators.
  • Accessibility-friendly focus navigation.

Our engineers will help you:

  • To design accessible UIs.
  • To develop accessibility-friendly products.
  • For existing technologies, we’ll guide you in the implementation of the accessibility improvements needed for certification.
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