If your organization is looking for new opportunities through natural voice interfaces, Code Factory offers a wide range of speech technology services to help your company be more competitive.

Cerence TTS (Text to Speech)

Cerence TTS (Text to Speech) is a new generation of text-to-speech solutions that transforms the voice assistant experience by offering the most natural text-to-speech for every embedded use case. Cerence TTS is a suite of speech output solutions to generate high quality speech, with seamless blending of dynamic text-to-speech, pre-recorded audio, and tuned prompts. Cerence TTS is optimized to read long texts in a natural, human way. New deep learning based algorithms deliver higher smoothness and more natural prosody, resulting in a unique voice experience.

We’re proud to announce our Cerence TTS for WebAssembly version, that allows real multi platform speech enabled app development.

Cerence ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)

Cerence ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is a unique SDK for embedded and connected speech recognition applications. This feature-rich development suite supports creating voice-based HMls for home appliances, logistics, smart homes, and many more.

Cerence SSE (Speech Signal Enhancement)

Cerence SSE (Speech Signal Enhancement)is available to remove noise from microphone inputs and to be able to offer far-field capability even in noisy environments. SSE is critical to the voice experience, enabling users to effectively use wake-up words and seamlessly interrupt and interact with the assistant.

The combination of Code Factory’s development expertise with Cerence® leading Text-to-Speech technology offers you the best solution for the integration of speech technologies in the market.

Cerence® Text to Speech technologies have been deployed successfully in a large number of diverse applications, ranging from best-selling navigation systems to demanding industrial applications.


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Speech technology services

We are your all-in-one partner for speech technology: from licensing to application integration support.

Voice licensing

Voice licensing

Cerence Text to Speech offers a wide portfolio of more than 40 languages and 70 voices, allowing you to create global solutions using a single engine. A broad range of options are offered in order to fit a great variety of applications: from 4MB to over 900MB depending on the voice, language and model.

Supported platforms are Windows, .NET Framework, iOS, Android and Linux. If your platform is not listed please contact us for details.

Code Factory will advice you to make the optimal voice model choice for your platform and your application to assure a great end user experience.

Voice integration

Voice integration and customization

Our goal is to make the integration of text to speech fast and simple.

Code Factory has over 10 years of experience developing speech-enabled applications on multiple platforms. We can guide your team through the development process to save your organization time and costs.

We can also create specific customizations of our existing voices in order to improve pronunciation of certain words and phrases that are unique to your application.

Voice recording

Voice prompts

If you think that you don’t need the dynamic power of a full Text to Speech system but only require a few audio files from pre-defined text, we can also offer a more cost-effective solution for you.

Code Factory can create high-quality, natural sounding prompts from any text that you send us. Our team will work together with you to fine-tune the pronunciation and prosody to deliver optimal audio files for your application.

Use cases

See how speech technologies can help improve your products through natural sounding voices and human-like interfaces.

Public transport and speech technology


As citizens are constantly on the move whether by plane, rail or other form of mass-transit underground or overground, pre-recorded messages often cannot keep up with the constantly changing information and have high maintenance costs.
TTS can enable dynamic passenger, next stop or flight information systems in all transportation segments either on-board or in stations and airports.

Home appliances and speech technology

Home Appliances

Appliances have become part of our lives and adding voice output to most appliances makes interaction even easier. Fridges that tell you that the door is left open, washing machines that inform you of what they are doing or coffee machines that tell you what they can offer will become commonplace in the near future.



People with disabilities such as blindness or dyslexia have seen their quality of life improve through the availability of voice output in almost any new technology they use, from book readers to vending machines. For those who are not able to read visual information, voice output enables a new-found independence.


Education and Learning

Growing up in a world of modern technologies has made education and learning more interactive. For example, learning a foreign language with the help of voice output boosts interest and comprehension and makes it easier to get used to different accents.



With the integration of text-to-speech, kids can strengthen their linguistic skills from the earliest age onwards. Toys with voice output help stimulate the senses in all children, ranging from toddlers to young adults, improving their understanding and turning playtime into a whole new experience.


Industrial Applications

Industrial equipment interfaces can be made more intuitive, flexible and reliable by adding voice output. This not only improves productivity but also creates more secure work environments.

“Looking for a global master distributor for our embedded technologies, we knew that Code Factory possesses the level of technical knowhow and service efficiency that our customers require. We’ve found a great partner for our product distribution in Code Factory.”

Egon Jungheim,
SVP of Global Sales, Cerence, Inc.

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