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Our mission is to make technology more intuitive for everyone. By harnessing the power of Cerence’s state-of-the-art speech technologies, we’re able to create voice experiences that are not only robust in challenging conditions but also customizable to cater to users’ individual needs. From smart devices to self-service kiosks, we’re revolutionizing the way people interact with technology, making it easier, more efficient, and inclusive. At Code Factory, we believe that the future is voice.

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"I am extremely excited to have Code Factory as part of our rich Windows Phone developer ecosystem. Code Factory has done an incredible job of bringing their Mobile Accessibility experience to Windows Phone."

Darren Laybourn
Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone, Microsoft Corp.

"Sprint is committed to delivering innovative, mobile solutions that empower and connect individuals. We are proud to have a partner like Code Factory that allows us to do just that for persons with disabilities."

Mark Yarkosky
Director of Product Management and Development, Sprint

"Looking for a global master distributor for our embedded technologies, we knew that Code Factory possesses the level of technical knowhow and service efficiency that our customers require. We’ve found a great partner for our product distribution in Code Factory."

Egon Jungheim
SVP of Global Sales, Cerence Inc.

"Counting on Code Factory as a partner in the field of accessibility and speech integration has added value for our blind and visually impaired customers. Their expertise and quick comprehension of their customer needs makes it easy to work with them."

Petteri Alinikula
Head of Accessibility, Nokia