Discover the power 

of Cerence ASR 

Automatic Speech Recognition, a state-of-the-art SDK designed for embedded and connected speech recognition applications. With its feature-rich development suite, Cerence ASR enables the creation of voice-based Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for home appliances, logistics, smart homes, and more.

Key Features

  • Deep Neural Networks Engine: Trained on extensive field data, our deep neural network engine delivers superior speech recognition performance across various applications.
  • General-Purpose Recognizer: Designed with a strong focus on automotive and mobility applications, Cerence ASR provides a versatile solution for diverse industries.

Cerence SSE 

Speech Signal Enhancement

Cerence SSE elevates the voice experience by removing noise from microphone inputs and enabling far-field capability even in noisy environments. Essential for wake-up words and seamless interactions, SSE provides:

  • Multi-channel Acoustic Echo-Canceller: Effectively removes system prompts and external audio signals.
  • High-Quality Noise Reduction: Suppresses noises while preserving the naturalness of the desired speech signal, with additional integrated tonal noise suppression.
  • Impulsive Noise Suppression: Suppresses non-stationary impulsive noises ensuring a smooth voice interaction experience.
  • Alternative DNN-Based Noise Reduction: Offers superior noise suppression and speech quality through advanced deep neural network-based noise reduction techniques.

Experience the next generation of voice recognition with Cerence ASR and SSE, setting the standard for seamless, intuitive interactions in a connected world.

Use cases

Industrial Applications – 
Pick by Voice

Streamline warehouse operations with voice-directed picking. Improve efficiency, accuracy, and worker safety in your facilities.

Home Automation

Simplify home management with seamless voice control. Command your smart home devices effortlessly with our voice interaction solutions.

Education & E-Learning

Boost engagement and accessibility in educational settings with voice-interactive learning systems. Improve learning experiences for diverse user groups.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: 

Cerence Compact

Cerence Compact offers custom-designed solutions that unlock more possibilities for AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) Edge applications. In an increasingly fragmented AIoT ecosystem, Cerence Compact is engineered to deliver the highest performance in every footprint. Through Cerence Compact Audio AI and Cerence Compact Speech AI, our technology empowers devices to clean up audio signals, reduce environmental noise, and support natural user interfaces.

Embrace the power of Cerence Compact to revolutionize AIoT Edge applications and deliver exceptional performance in a highly fragmented ecosystem. With Cerence Compact Audio AI and Cerence Compact Speech AI, you can elevate user experiences by reducing noise, enhancing voice interactions, and enabling natural interfaces across various platform configurations.

Audio AI

Cerence Compact

  • Environmental Noise Reduction: By considering a wider range of acoustic conditions beyond automotive applications, Cerence Compact Audio AI effectively cleans up desired audio signals and reduces the detrimental effects of environmental noises.
  • Robust Voice User Interfaces: Supercharge your voice user interfaces with enhanced robustness and seamless integration across a variety of AIoT platforms.

Speech AI

Cerence Compact

  • Leading Embedded Technology: Cerence Compact Speech AI supports both wake-up activation and speech recognition, providing a comprehensive solution for AIoT Edge applications