VoiceTopping is designed to easily overlay voice command functionality onto your existing user interface, requiring minimal effort and time to implement.

Speech Technology

Powered by Cerence’s CSDK and its exceptional SSE (Speech Signal Enhancement) module, VoiceTopping ensures optimal voice command recognition even in challenging audio conditions.

User Experience

Tailor voice interactions to suit your users’ needs, creating a personalized and engaging experience that sets your product apart from the competition.


Unlock the potential of voice interaction, allowing your users to access your product’s features without lifting a finger.


By offering voice command recognition, VoiceTopping enhances the accessibility of your product, making it more inclusive for users with disabilities or limitations.

Use cases

Self-Service Kiosks

Transform the self-service experience with intuitive and easy-to-use voice command functionality. Enhance user interaction while improving accessibility.

Voice Control in Industry 4.0.

Harness the power of voice interaction in manufacturing processes. Enhance machine-human communication, boost productivity, and facilitate hands-free operations

Customer Service Automation

Transform your customer service with voice-based AI solutions. Handle queries efficiently, improve service quality, and enhance customer engagement

Smart Retail

Redefine the shopping experience with voice-controlled self-service and interactive solutions. Enhance customer engagement and streamline the shopping process.

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