Cerence’s SDKs 

Fit Your Platform

At Code Factory, we strive to deliver consistent and seamless voice experiences across a wide range of platforms. Our Cerence TTS SDK is designed for versatility, offering full support for Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS. This ensures that no matter the platform, our users can enjoy the benefits of voice interaction with minimal effort. Additionally, our WebAssembly version takes it a step further, enabling text-to-speech functionalities directly within popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox — all without the need for server-generated audio. Experience the true power of interoperability with Code Factory

Use cases

Public Announcements in Transportation

Improve public communication and announcements in transport systems. Deliver clear, audible and multilingual messages to passengers using advanced text-to-speech.

Spoken E-Learning Contents

Make e-learning more immersive with text-to-speech. Improve comprehension and retention by transforming written content into spoken word.

Accessibility for 
Visually Impaired

Description: Enhance accessibility for visually impaired users. Convert digital text into spoken content, aiding information accessibility and providing a seamless user experience.

Voice Notifications

Streamline user experience with voice notifications. Convert system alerts and reminders into audible messages using 

Assistive Communication Devices

Empower users with speech difficulties. Integrate text-to-speech technology into assistive communication devices to facilitate expressive communication.

Language Learning Applications

Facilitate language learning by incorporating TTS technology into educational apps, allowing users to hear correct pronunciation and improve their language skills.

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